Friday, December 30, 2011

Vintage Vixen

On top of running after stylish strangers for my Swerve Style YYC weekly action, I've also had the great and amazing opportunity to contribute to Swerve Magazine with the We Want to Know You series.

This week, the piece is bigger and better, and I couldn't of picked a better subject! Carly Allison is a lovely young lady that I'm so thrilled I got to hang out with and capture with my camera, so make sure you check her out! Thanks so much again Carly, it's been an absolute pleasure!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Her own amazing designs

Rebecca King not only rocks amazing clothes, but she rocks amazing clothes that she designed and made herself. King is a fashion designer with a vision and style that are truly distinct. King crafts clothes that are rich, interesting, detailed and fashion forward.

It’s not just King’s clothes that deserve sartorial praise, however. She also puts them together beautifully. On this particular day, King threw in punches of colour to enhance her black dress and pulled everything together with a beautifully crafted blazer. The button details on the jacket are by far my favourite aspect of the entire look, and leave me coveting all her designs, which can be found at

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meant to be photographed

There are some people who are meant to be photographed. There are also those people that I wish I could photograph each day, as they have a great personal style and shine brightly in front of the camera.

Susan Lam is one of these lovely people. I've photographed her on numerous occasions, and she's already appeared in my Downtown Calgary Street Style Huntress column. I'm sure she'll end up there again, and certainly in this blog too!

Susan was gracious enough to accompany me to the Twasthenight event @TheCore a few weeks back, and I took these images before and during the festivities.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Style Huntress-ing at Market Collective

My newest street style huntress ways came out in full force at the lovely and wintery Market Collective. This is where I met Adam, where he graciously agreed to let me harass and photograph him. If you live in Calgary and have yet to check out and enjoy Market Collective, please do, as there are always many amazing artists and cool stylish people to meet.