Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Street Style Huntress Television Action!

I had the amazing pleasure of being captured for Telus TV and to chat to them about what I do as a Street Style Huntress. The shoot was super fun, and I'm extremely happy with the video. I feel like they did an amazing job in capturing who I am and why I love my job so much!

A huge thanks to Myke Macapinlac for allowing two cameras on him at the same time...this lovely young man is not only stylish but talented, so make sure to check out his writing at

Thanks so much again to Telus TV for this, it was my absolute pleasure. If you or anyone you know has a cool story to tell, make sure to give these guys a shout, as they are always looking for great people and stories in Calgary. (

Effortless Style

It’s creative individuals such as Jordan Reimer that make me ecstatic to be a street style huntress in Calgary. While on the prowl to capture looks that stand out, I often bump into the same people repeatedly, and Reimer’s style has an effortless quality about it that is exciting to see in our city.

It takes innovation and courage to put together a singular look such as this. I love the use of texture, from the ripped shorts to the tucked in long black sweater. The simple combination of black and blue, with a touch of brown works beautifully in this ensemble, keeping the look wearable during the day. All in all, two thumbs up to an individual that rocks it hard and wears it well!


I am absolutely in love with owls, and anything that has either a picture of an owl or an owl print, I’m in! 

When I first met Katie Green a few months back at Market Collective, it was her amazing artwork that first caught my attention. I purchased a lovely print of an owl painting that she did which is now proudly displayed in my bedroom.

When I ran into Green for the second time, it was her outfit that stole my attention. I love the fact that it’s simple yet super cute, with a lovely colourful print in the shorts as the stand-out piece. This outfit screams festival chic to me and I adore it head-to-toe. The hat, with Green’s funky angled hair cut, is the perfect accessory to make this the outfit for summer! 


Is a dude in yellow a style do? I think so!

Peter James not only rocked the sunshiny hue, but he also threw a little leopard print into the mix—and made it all work. Not only is this combo deliciously offbeat, but James really shows why layering is the way to go. By adding a chunky gold watch to multiple layers of beaded bracelets, James ensures he stands out in a crowd.

Street Style Huntress: Whoooohhhaaaayyy!!!!

Even though I’m much more of a Sled Island and Folk Festival kind of gal, I decided that I couldn’t completely ignore a major event that Calgary is known and loved for…you guessed it, Stampede.With the 100th anniversary this year, it wasn’t just major but also historical, and so I decided to celebrate in style and do it a couple of days early at the Field Law Stampede bash.
I was lucky in that I was actually able to find some great western inspired wear and still be able to satisfy my Street Style Huntress ways. Naturally, I did this while enjoying the amazing spread that the party had to offer, including a salad tee-pee and three giant dessert tables, and of course, a little bit of chilled white wine. The party couldn’t have been complete without the musical styling of Jim Cuddy. So in conclusion, if I go anywhere next year during Stampede, it’s going to be right back to the Field Law Party. Well played.
After the Stampede craziness was finally said and done, and I certainly can’t deny that I wasn’t a little bit stoked to resume life as per usual, I was once again able to hit the streets and photograph those that were sans the cowboy hat. Whoooohaaaayyy to that! Stay tuned for my September photos as we get ready to celebrate Back-to-Style month…and in the meantime, if you’re looking for something cool to do on August 18th, come and join me as I host Runway Monthly at The Bank. Check out their website for more information.